In 2006 we take our first step into the pharmaceutical industry as an aspiring pharma company.  Some glorious years have seen Quality Nexgen Pharmaceuticals and built an impressive confidence of all the colleagues of the industry.

Commercial production is carried out in units operating as per cGMP standards and equipped with at par quality equipments and utilities viz, Efficient AHU and HVAC System that covers all the production activities right from the initial production to the final pack and store point of the product.  All the above is running under controlled Temp & % RH.

A Well established cleaning and validation procedures that ensure high quality of products by avoiding contamination is implemented. Ongoing staff training and internal auditing also form an integral part of our operations. And to satisfy the needs of as many customers as possible, we are working to enhance and strengthen our research capabilities as well as to expand our manufacturing facilities to meet all international standards.

The entire plant is designed and laid keeping in mind the latest requirement of WHO-GMP.


The salient features of premises includes unidirectional flow of materials, oil painted walls with no crevices, coving of all walls with floorings, concealed electrical fittings, epoxy flooring in all critical areas, provision of adequate space to avoid any mix-ups and cross contamination, separate entrances for Men and Material. All the manufacturing equipments are made from Stainless Steel to ensure that no rust are formed in the manufacturing area which can contaminate the product.

Water System:

Piped water is supplied to factory premises which is free from pathogenic micro organism and has very low total dissolved solids. The water is fed into DM water plant and this de-mineralized water is used for all manufacturing purpose and cleaning of equipments. DM water is carried in SS pipelines having a loop system for continuous water circulation. It is also provided with 5.0 micron filter and UV radiation. Periodic validation of water system is carried out systematically and scientifically.

Air Handling System:

Various air handling units are provided for various areas like Stores, Manufacturing and packing. They are provided with 10M, 3M and 0.3M filters to give clean air as per requirement of different areas. Positive differential air pressures are maintained to avoid any cross contamination. Air handling system is designed to give appropriate temperature and humidity conditions and ensure minimum bio burden